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Here's To Levi.

Shipbuilders Strong | The Morse High School Class of 2020 For Real.

“Prom and Senior Skip Day” are the two things that Levi was most looking forward to this spring as a Senior at Morse High School.

About being a Shipbuilder, he will miss the environment at Morse, and all the fun activities like sports and rallies.

As most know, the Class of 2020 was slated to be the final Senior class to finish a school year and graduate from the old school building at 826 High Street. While a new structure is being built across town, there are some very distinctive and memorable parts of the 'Old Morse High.' To Levi, the Montgomery Theater is what he will miss most about the building. The theater sits inside the school, just up the stairs behind these doors.

Plans for next year? Levi plans to either move to the city or go to college. Like many of this year's graduating class, uncertainty has become the norm, as life seems to change on the daily. What path Levi will take is still undetermined, but he will always have his close friendships and memories of his time in High School. He will no doubt never forget how it all came to a close during these unprecedented times.

Here's to You, Levi. Thank you for letting me share your story.

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