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Photography has been an extension of my soul since I was young girl. I was lucky enough to spend many summers of my childhood exploring the coast of Maine with my brothers, telling fish stories with my dad, and borrowing my mom’s old camera while she chased us around with her newer one. At eight years old I felt the magic of being behind a lens, and many, many years later I still don't think I can go through one day without making at least one photo. It has become how I see the world, sometimes how I hide from it, but most importantly how I can share life with my family, and now yours.

Noodle! the current soggy dog, in our crazy colorful home in Bath.

Because we are a family-first business I may be less responsive when the kids are sick, during snow days, and school breaks. Although it feels like I'm working all the time, the product of a labor of love I suppose, I am so grateful to have a business that is somewhat forgiving, and allows me time with my girls when they need me the most. I am also so grateful to have this business that has grown due to the faith you, my work-family, have instilled in me. I use the word 'we' a lot when posting and writing about soggy dog designs because it would not exist without you, the very people who have asked me to capture your lives. We wouldn't be here without our growing photography team that helps with big picture days as well as behind the scenes work and printing. We wouldn't be here without the students that keep me from getting complacent and introduce me to the latest tech. We wouldn't be here without any of you, and for that I will forever be grateful.

soggy dog designs was born of years of yearning to be a 'real' photographer, but never believing I was good enough to be considered a professional. It's a strange career, one in which you don't necessarily need a degree (and not what my degrees are in!). With the digital revolution, it has also become one just about anybody can claim ownership to. Although I began with film, the business exploded with digital and I loved that I could print my own photos, right from a daylight filled room, instead of a blacked-out darkroom! I started with photographing what was a part of my life at the time – the Maine coast, the hubs, and the original soggy dog, Cole! Then our first baby, and then the babies of families we'd meet at playgroups and outings... and so the soggy family grew, along with our Jung family. To this day, our work continues to be driven by family of all kinds – both ours and yours.

My family and I, hiking in Southwest Harbor,

where my love of photography began when I was 8 years old.

Thank you for putting your faith in me, in us, through these past 12 years. In the last few especially we've had a typical tweenager adolescent growth-spurt and we are making adjustments to improve our customer service and take care of you better. We are looking forward to entering year 13 this April (my favorite number!) with a renewed plan to offer the best experience we can for you, from click to print. We'll have some fun things coming up to celebrate being a 'teen', but most of all, to celebrate each of you that has made soggy dog designs into more than just a dream, but our 

'for real life.'


Here's To You.

                                  wendy miller jung | soggy dog designs


Nailed it once again, 

wendy of 

soggy dog designs!!!!


Thank you SO much for capturing our family so perfectly! LOVE our pics! ❤️

Loved every second of the process! Wendy is so talented and really cared about us instead of just getting paid! Would highly recommend! I love the engagement pictures that she was able to capture of my fiancé and I!

So impressed with Wendy's attention to detail.


I have had school and sports portraits done with her several times and she always treats me well!

the c. family

bath, maine

olivia l. 

baltimore, md


bath, maine

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Sat, Oct 31
soggy dog designs
soggy dog designs' 12th Annual Trick or Treat TROMP + Food Drive!
This year's event for all the boys and ghouls in town will be a Downtown Bath Scavenger Hunt! We ask that all participants register so we can keep numbers safe. We will offer staggered start times. Please sign up for a start time for your hunt!
Sat, Nov 07
4 Centre St
Fall FUN For the Whole Family mini-sesh!
Join us in Downtown Bath for a FUN Fall mini-sesh. We'll get some quick pics of you, your kids, + your family - great for holiday cards + gifts!
Time is TBD
soggy dog designs
Class of 2021 Mini-Sesh's!
Here's to the Class of 2021! If you need a quick, professional, high-quality photo for your yearbook, (or a banner perhaps!) this is your chance! Just $20.21 for the Class of 2021!
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