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Annual Trick or Treat Tromp

Annual Trick or Treat TROMP! & Community Food Drive.  Ironman meets 'for real life' superhero Cpl Small while she was on duty, keeping the roads safe during the TROMP.


soggy dog designs would not exist if not for the good faith this community has had in us from the beginning.  We know how fortunate we are to live & work here and want to give back whenever we can.  Every Fall we host our annual Trick or Treat TROMP and Community Food Drive, serving our Bath neighbors and friends for 11 years now!     

Several times a year local middle & high school soggy students volunteer their time to DJ at the elementary dances and run the soggy photo'booths where 100% of profits are donated to the PTAs. 

Pictures with Santa, fund-raisers for schools and hunger prevention, and more. We believe in using soggy dog for doing good for our friends and neighbors. 

commercial business photography

Showing how yummy the famous Robinhood Meetinghouse Cinnamon Rolls truly are!

taking care of business.

 We don't like sticking our noses in other people's business, unless you're asking us to!  Head shots, work-family group photos, product photography, and 'for real life' work sessions to show off what you do - it's what we love to do. 

 The front door of your business is seen online more often than in person these days.  We understand the importance of professional photos that help tell the story of your work, and show how your business is an integral part of your community.


First In Class, USS Zumwalt, DDG 1000, Inaugural Sea Trial, December 7th, 2016.

the mighty kennebec.

Bath, Maine....The City of Ships.

We are extremely proud to live just down-river of Bath Iron Works which builds the nation's best destroyers for our United States Navy.


Upon our first month of living in Bath we awoke to the sound of the USS Winston Churchill blowing its horn just outside our doors...only across the marsh on the mighty Kennebec River. I immediately jumped up and began taking pictures. The ship went by so fast I had to chase it down the river to Popham Beach. .  The pride the Ironworkers we met there had in what they had just built was infectious and is the main reason I am now obsessed with 'shooting-the-ships.' 

Stay tuned for a new gallery compilation of all our years of Destroyers on the Kennebec!


Here's To You. 

here's to you.

When visiting grandparents as a kid, I remember always loving the framed photos around their homes, giving me a glimpse into their lives before me.  My grandfathers and father in their respective military uniforms always left me in awe.  Both grandfathers served in 'The Big One,  WWII' and we were raised knowing the importance of commitment, service, and family.  Having family, friends and neighbors who now serve in the military and be first responders I see first hand the impact on the daily lives of them and their families. 

As a thank-you for answering your call to serve, we offer a discount on studio services and prints to all first responders and military.

Thank you for all you do.

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