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Here's To Family.


Family is where our hearts are.


Whether your family is just you,

you and your dog,

you and your new fiance (and your dog!), or you, your spouse, your six kids and 20 grandkids with Great Aunt Sally in tow... we are all about it. 


The 'for real life' documentary, not-so-perfect, perfect moments.  All the milestones with all the feels, we love to capture them for you, so you can live in the now and truly enjoy every moment with your family, however you define it.

Here's To You.

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Here's To Our Kids. 

photography for schools & teams


As grown-ups, we only get one chance at our kids' childhoods. Going to school and playing sports are two of the most influential experiences in our kids' lives. 


Photos that truly express their personalities - the happy, the grumpy, the proud, the self-conscious, the focused athlete, the nervous competitor - these are priceless moments we only get to live once as childhood is so fleeting. 


Capturing these moments, and providing schools with the photos they need, is what we love to do so you can focus on the daily craziness and insanity called parenting & teaching!

     gettin' schooled                      got game

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Here's To Community.

From the very beginning we have been passionate about our community and how we can help document the special moments and events that occur here.  Bath, Maine is truly such a unique place to call home, even when you're 'from away.'


On any unsuspecting day you can look upon the Kennebec and see a world-class destroyer sailing out to sea, built right here by the hands and hearts of our neighbors.  We can see our first responders, teachers, and parents coaching our kids' sports teams, riding bikes, and connecting with our community.  We have parades all. the. time.  Our local high school alumni association is the largest, and proudest, of any in our great nation.  Bath is our 'family we choose,' as the hubs and I chose to live here, and we couldn't be any happier. When we get the opportunity to be a part of the milestones of this family, we are honored, and proud to call it our forever home, camera in hand.

Here's To Family.
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