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Here's To The Team.

When this team was a 5th and 6th Grade Rec Travel team they had grit and determination. We watched them win buzzer-beaters at tournaments and beat teams they should not have beaten time and again. Fast forward six years to their Senior season, and all but 3 of these ballers are still playing together. We reprinted the long-lost 6th grade banner for their Senior game and when they all saw it hanging up, they agreed to get together for a new shot under their younger selves. So much of life has changed over the past 2 years, let alone 6.

One thing that has not changed is how this team always acts as a TEAM first.

There are no superstars here.

After we got the first shot of the guys under the banner they saw 2 of the missing 3 teammates walking in to watch them play in their Senior game. Not to let them go by, they encouraged their friends to join in the photo - because once a part of the team, always a part of the team. These kids turned young men are family to one another, now and forever. They will always be one of my favorite squads I have had the privilege to photograph and watch grow as athletes and young men over the years.

Here's To The Team - to the Morse High School Boys Basketball 2021-22 Team as they embark upon the playoffs, hosting tonight on their home court.

Here's to your basketball family, your lifelong friendships, your teammates - and to grinding out another 'W' for Shipbuilder Nation in Our House.

Do what you do - Love your Team. Play with Grit. Have Fun. Beat The Blue Blazes!! . #gotgame #goshipbuilders #classof2022 #morsebasketball #team #soggydogdesigns #826pics

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