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Here's To Boden.

Shipbuilders Strong | The Morse High School Class of 2021 For Real.

“I’m excited for my senior sports seasons and also spending one more year with my friends at 826,” says Boden, a Senior at Morse High School this fall.

As we introduce the Class of 2021, we see how much is still uncertain leading into these first days of school. Sports and all extracurricular activity participation is yet to be determined. “I am concerned that I will not get the full senior year experience. Including football games, homecoming and the pep rally.” Boden ended his Junior year with no baseball season, not being able to take the SAT, and also not being able to visit potential colleges, where he is considering pursuing science or medicine. Sadly, not much has changed in the past six months.

Boden participates in many activities and sports at Morse, including Football, Basketball, Baseball, Shipbuilders Committed and Fuel Up To Play 60. He notes, “I think I will miss football the most, there is a feeling that I will never get back and that feeling is right before a game and stepping out on that turf with my teammates.”

Being a Shipbuilder has a deep and special meaning to much of this local community. Boden is no different, when asked what he will miss most he replied, “The family that 826 builds, whether it be between coaches and athletes or teachers and students. I will miss playing on the Morse football field with my teammates, or playing on Kelley baseball field.”

From the Pandemic experience, Boden has learned that “you can never replace the memories that Morse gives you. Just from being out of school for 3 months I have missed a whole season of baseball! I will never get back those memories.” He also says “It has been hard and I have now figured out that I only live once and I have to go out and do things and try new things before everything starts crashing down like this past year has done.”

Ever the optimist and leader, Boden leaves some advice for Underclassmen and Future Shipbuilders, stating “You have 4 years left to be a kid, after that you are an adult and are stepping into the big leagues. Live everyday at school like it is your last, because who knows, a virus could stop your senior year and ruin the year you have looked up to for 12 years of schooling.”

These past few months have certainly been trying for everyone, and the Class of 2021 is no stranger to tough. Nonetheless, the fighting spirit of these young adults and their dedication to optimism, hope, and hard work will carry them through what will undoubtedly be the most unique school year in any of our lifetimes. Knowing Boden, I am confident he will continue to be the leader he is, work through these difficult times, and find his way back onto the playing fields, into the classrooms, and beyond.

Here’s To You, Boden, your ever present determination, grit, and love of your community.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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Boden, may this final year bring memories that you will also cherish. It sounds like you are already in control of your future and your dreams. Wishing you only the best, most exciting future you desire. Reach for the stars, but always follow your heart. Enjoy your senior year on every level.♥️♥️♥️‼️‼️‼️ P.S. You are such a handsome young man.‼️‼️‼️‼️😍

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