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Here's To Murphy.

Sometimes we get the most blessed yet bittersweet requests. Sometimes it takes some time before we're fully ready to see the photos from our time together, and sometimes I'm just really slow at catching up with all the sessions during the gorgeous summer & fall months!

Today Murphy's family was ready to see the rest of his session from his last trip to Popham this summer. They said we could share. So, instead of our usual sneak peeks, I've decided to share the full gallery. In case you've ever wondered what a full session looks like, not just a preview - this is it. I'm an admitted over-shooter and will blame it on the depth of personality and multitudes of moments we have during our sessions, both with humans and our furry friends! I often see moments in a series of photos. On this day, it was so many fetches, wags of the tail, and soggy shake outs of the salt water, combined with some loving emotional mushy moments that kept me clicking, crying, and clicking some more. I am always grateful to be a part of these significant moments in your lives, thank you for including me.

Thank you, Murphy's humans, for inviting me to be a part of his life, and saving these last few sweet moments at his happy place with you.

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