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Here's To The Morse High School Community | A Banner Year!

To the Community of Morse High School and its supporters, Thank You!

Obviously this spring has brought its challenges to every single one of us but during times of uncertainty, unpredictability, and the constant stream of online everything in our everyday, you all stepped up and helped bring this gallery of awesomeness to life.

Thank You.

The pictures do not do it justice - take some time to roam around Bath and see for yourselves!

A bit of backstory - this project stemmed from an idea to make our usual sports banners for every spring athlete. The Morse High School Athletic Director, Nate Priest, and I discussed creating the banners for every athlete to show them off since the Spring of 2020 got cancelled.  In discussions with all of the Spring Sports coaches, where to hang the banners became a quick topic. One idea was to head to downtown Bath, where the kids would get the most visibility. When we approached the ever accommodating Main Street Bath about hanging banners in town, the idea evolved that we needed to hang a banner for every Senior at Morse, not just the athletes, if we could. Thus began the ‘Super Secret Banner Project’ of the Spring of 2020!  

We enlisted volunteers from administration at Morse, to parents, to the community, even to the students - while trying to keep our motives a surprise from the Seniors! With the efforts of so many, we pulled it off. We even surprised many of the parents who participated as they did not know their Senior athletes would have a separate banner honoring their Senior season.

I can't say it enough - Thank You to everyone who helped make this idea come to life.

As a photographer, I'd like to extend an extra high-five and virtual hug to all the photographers that selflessly shared their images with us so we could honor these worthy Seniors.

And SENIORS! if you still need a banner, contact me!

One final note - The Shipbuilders Strong Project is still ongoing and I am still working with any Senior who wants a chance to document this spring and all that it means to you.

Here's To You, Morse High School Community!

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