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Here's To Cal.

The Morse High School Class of 2020 | For Real.

“Playing my last season of baseball as a Shipbuilder.”

This is what Cal was looking forward to most this Spring as a Senior at Morse High School in Bath, Maine.

Baseball, and all Maine spring sports, got benched this spring due to the Coronavirus and stay at home orders. Cal, like many of his classmates, was looking forward to leaving school early on sunny afternoons for away games, enjoying time with his team, playing his favorite sport. Having played baseball most of his life, his favorite memory of playing for Morse was when he broke out of his slump junior year, with a stand up double.

A bittersweet experience for certain, you can see the joy he gets from just being on the field, even alone. Standing at his Short Stop position, Cal appreciates these solitary moments on his empty field. His playing days won't end at Morse, however. Cal will pick up