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Here's To The Shipbuilders, Class of 2020, Roaring into the Future!

 The Morse High School Class of 2020 had an appropriate sendoff - beginning Commencement with a flyover with a banner of their class motto, and ending with multiple planes saluting this year's graduates.  Having had their spring term senior year spent remotely, canceled prom, no sports seasons, virtual awards and alumni nights, and a graduation away from their home turf, this year's seniors deserved a bit of extra love. 

Cheers to the Morse High School Faculty and Staff for all the endless hours they put into this, on top of their educational duties.  Also, to the Wiscasset Airport and all those involved in creating a truly unique and wonderful 'tailgate graduation.'  This was the first time many of these seniors and staff members had seen each other off the screen in months.  Albeit masked, it was wonderful to see flesh and smiling eyes all around!