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Here's To Deja.

Shipbuilders Strong | The Morse High School Class of 2020 For Real.

“Being safe and loving your family” is the most positive thing Deja has learned during this Covid-spring. “Keeping everyone apart, but also closer together,” is what this time in history has meant to her. Being a long time athlete and team member, Deja is no stranger to working together for a common goal. She is Morse High's first female State Champion in a Maine State sanctioned Wrestling Championship. She knows about hard work and the value of team. She is also a member of the school Softball team.

She was most looking forward to her final softball season this spring when everything got canceled mid-March. About being a Shipbuilder, Deja will miss the school spirit at games most of all. Being at 826 High Street and having fun at school was a large part of her experience at Morse High School.

She will head onward to SMCC in the Fall but leaves some advice for underclassmen. “Enjoy every moment.”