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Here's To Macey.

The Morse High School Class of 2020 | For Real.

“Finishing my senior year off with my last season of lacrosse, playing in my last band concert, and marching in the Memorial Day parade for band” are the things that Macey was most looking forward to as a Senior at Morse High in Bath, Maine.

About being a Shipbuilder, Macey says “I will miss the constant cheer from alumni, teachers, parents and students at any event. Not just sports but just doing anything positive in the community always gets shown to people and proves that being a Shipbuilder is a forever thing.”

Being the final Senior class that was to graduate from the beloved 826 High Street building, Macey comments one of her favorite things about the building itself was “sitting in the pit before school starts, watching people play basketball or just talking to my friends.” The Pit is a place in 826 High that will live on in infamy. Home of early morning basketball games, spirit weeks, teacher-student games, wrestling matches and much more, it was on the list of things students and alumni wanted to replicate in the new Morse High School being built across town.

For the future Shipbuilders, Macey offers some advice. “Savor every moment you have in high school. Make the best of it. Join sports, clubs, and any other extra curricular activity! High school really goes by quickly and I didn’t realize that until I couldn’t be in the building of 826 High street.”

Beyond the halls of 826, Shipbuilders are sailing through uncharted waters. Being positive and learning from tough times is a part of life. Good thing Macey excels at tough, and at having a positive attitude. “Even in this time of craziness, Morse High School has an amazing Alumni and is fighting for us to get what we want. The things we worked for since we were a child. I learned that being a Morse Shipbuilder Alumni will be the most awarding thing I could possibly have.”

I have had the joy of knowing Macey for many years via several of her sports, as a coach and a photographer. Coaching this strong leader has been a privilege and personally, I will miss coaching her on the fields as a player, a leader, and a teammate. I am very much looking forward to seeing her play collegiate sports as a Terrier.

As for her future, there is no doubt in my mind Macey will continue to work hard and succeed. “I’m going to Thomas College where I’m double majoring in Finance and Accounting. I’m also going to be playing lacrosse and field hockey.”

Here's To You, Macey. To your everlasting optimism, tenacity, and your ridiculously bright future. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your story over the years.

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