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Here's To Eliza.

Shipbuilders Strong | The Morse High School Class of 2020 For Real.

“Go to that football game on a Friday Night. Do your homework and study for that test. Make friends and choose them wisely. Be involved in a sport, club or volunteer.

Whatever it is, enjoy it. Soak it up. It goes by in a blink of an eye.”

While the world around us continues to spin and whirl, someday, we hope, all kids across the country will return to school and regain some sense of normalcy. When they do, Eliza shares some advice for the underclassmen from her experience as a member of the Class of 2020, who has seen their treasured rites slip away.

Walking the halls of 826 High Street stirs much emotion in Eliza. “The nostalgic feeling of walking the halls of our huge alumni is incredible. The pit and the old yellow lockers on the top floor just remind me of how I am a 4th generation graduate and they’ve seen/used the same things as myself.”

She continues to explain “the Shipbuilder spirit is like no other school. Looking forward to game nights for every sport season is what I enjoyed whether it was on or off the field. There’s something special about playing/watching at home that makes being a 'Builder more exciting. My favorite part of every fall was spirit week just because our class would come together as a whole, work together and try to win competitions (even if the seniors usually win).”

“I was definitely looking forward to the senior privileges that all underclassmen look forward to. Alumni Banquet, Senior Tea, Graduation, my senior lacrosse season, senior prank, senior skip day, and getting out a few weeks earlier is what I really was wanting. I remember being a freshman and being so jealous of that and being so excited to get those privileges.”

Over her four years at Morse High School, Eliza remarks "I have played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I was truly looking forward to my senior lacrosse season, not only for the senior feel, but for the incredible potential our team had this season. I was also involved in Interact Club and Green Club. “

When asked if there was a particular staff member who had an impact on her, Eliza replied “Santana Wilson, our AT, has definitely influenced me greatly. Whether she was helping me recover from an injury or lent an ear, she was there. I feel as though Santana doesn’t get enough of the recognition that she deserves. She helped not only me, but a tremendous amount more.” Maybe it will come as no surprise then to learn that Eliza's plan for next year is to attend the University of Maine at Orono and major in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine and minor in Nutrition. I'd like to give a little nod to Santana here, as well, for being such a positive and incredible influence on the student-athletes at Morse.

When discussing what this spring has meant to Eliza, missing out on so many rites of passage that high school seniors look forward to and work hard to earn over their years as students, Eliza has some very heartfelt emotions. “Truly, it means grief. There is no other word that sums up the hardship than grief. It’s a loss. I didn’t expect to walk out the doors of 826 on the (March)13th and never return without closure. I’ve learned that dwelling and spending my time trying to be angry at a particle doesn’t do anything but make life harder. So I’ve learned a routine in the madness which has helped me maintain some type of stability, even if it’s working 11 hour days. The communities surrounding Bath, and including Bath, have signs of hope everywhere. “We’re in this together” in my favorite one that I keep close to me because knowing that I’m not alone in these uncertain times and that others are going through my troubles as well is comforting in a way.”

Finally, the most positive thing Eliza has taken away from this unprecedented spring is “I’ve learned to appreciate my surroundings way more. I’ve taken my days to spend outdoors whether fishing, hiking, kayaking or simply jogging, it all helps. Since we’re all given this time, it makes you realize how much we miss and take advantage of.”

No matter what the world throws at us, these are wise words from a young adult, taking the time to reflect on life, what is important, and now looking towards the future. Thank you for sharing your thoughtfulness and kindness with us, Eliza. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know you a little better off the field this spring, although it would have been great to be on the fields one more time.

Here's To You!

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So thoughtful. So lovely. So...true! All the best, Eliza.

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