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Here's To Eliza.

Shipbuilders Strong | The Morse High School Class of 2020 For Real.

“Go to that football game on a Friday Night. Do your homework and study for that test. Make friends and choose them wisely. Be involved in a sport, club or volunteer.

Whatever it is, enjoy it. Soak it up. It goes by in a blink of an eye.”

While the world around us continues to spin and whirl, someday, we hope, all kids across the country will return to school and regain some sense of normalcy. When they do, Eliza shares some advice for the underclassmen from her experience as a member of the Class of 2020, who has seen their treasured rites slip away.

Walking the halls of 826 High Street stirs much emotion in Eliza. “The nostalgic feeling of walking the halls of our huge alumni is incredible. The pit and the old yellow lockers on the top floor just remind me of how I am a 4th generation graduate and they’ve seen/used the same things as myself.”