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Here's To Hayden.

Shipbuilders Strong | The Morse High School Class of 2020 For Real.

“Never let fear dictate your actions. Always take advantage of any opportunities that interest you as high school passes by faster than you think.” These are some incredibly thoughtful words of wisdom from Hayden to the Underclassmen and future Shipbuilders at Morse High School as he reflects upon his time at Morse, and what this spring of disappointments has meant to him.

Hayden notes “ I was most excited to celebrate events such as Prom, Senior Tea, and helping out with our spring musical production of 'The Addams' Family.' I wanted to celebrate this time with my friends and enjoy my last few months of high school.”

About being a Shipbuilder, Hayden replies “I will miss seeing my friends and teachers daily, I will miss the sense of community I built within school to make it a better place for me.” He notes that he will miss Mrs. Beagin-Smith and her individuality the most, and he already misses saying Hi to her everyday.” The stairwell by the guidance office where he ate most of his lunches is the place inside 826 High Street that Hayden will miss most.

Hayden participated in the Green Club, Creative Writing Club, Interact Club, and Ocean Bowl at Morse. He was a RSU1 School Board Representative and played Soccer and Tennis while at Morse. He will miss being a member of the Patten-Free Library's Teen Library Council the most.

All events have lessons, it's what we take away from them that will define us in the future. Hayden has this wonderful sense of positivism and happiness about him. While photographing with him, I could not stop smiling, he just exudes joy, and it's not just that we share a love of all things VW and vintage! His reaction to the global events of this spring, and losing so many of the rites of passage that high school seniors expect to experience, was naturally optimistic. Hayden comments “I realized how much I was loved at Morse and within my community. People who I did not think knew me, reached out to me telling me that my kindness and positive attitude made their day better. I am grateful for all the friends I made at Morse, both student and teacher, as they helped me grow into the person I am today.”

His final thoughts on what this unique time in world history means is no less positive and thoughtful. “It is a time of change and growth. Despite so many things halting around us, we can still develop as people. There is so much internal work to be done, I think that no matter what. We are all going to come out of this with a better, more realized sense of our identity. I think that the systems (society) leading up to this time are going to change as well, as we saw how it cannot function under these circumstances. Nothing will be the same, but everything can only get better. As long as there is hope, we can all grow.”

Hayden heads off to College of the Atlantic this Fall where he will no doubt be enveloped into their community where he can share his bright smile and thoughtful insights.

Thank you for sharing your story of hope and optimism with us.

Here's To You, Hayden.

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