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Here's To Molly.

Shipbuilders Strong | The Morse High School Class of 2020 For Real.

“Getting to spend the last few months with my friends before we all go off to college” is what Molly was most looking forward to this spring as a Senior at Morse High School.

Wanting to do some photos with her teammate Kim, from both field hockey and tennis, makes sense as Molly cherishes her friendships deeply.

What Molly will miss most about being a Shipbuilder is “the amount of school spirit we have.” That certainly rings true as many in these parts claim to 'bleed Blue & White.” With the oldest alumni association in the nation, Morse is very proud of its Shipbuilders, both past, present, and future.

Molly is a three-sport athlete, and captained both Field Hockey and Swimming so far her Senior year. Having spent much of her hours as a Shipbuilder on the turf at McMann, she wanted to meet there first. We also hit the tennis courts, where she is missing her final season this spring.

About 826 High Street, Molly says “there was never a dull moment when walking around the halls.” The hallways are one of the many places within the old building that will be remembered fondly by all.

Her advice to underclassmen is to “enjoy every moment because you never know when it's going to be gone.”

The most positive thing she's learned as a result of this experience this spring?

“Don't take anything for granted, appreciate all the little moments in life.“

As someone who has been fortunate enough to know Molly for many years, I can see how hard this has hit her. One of the first things Molly said when we met was how much this whole thing just feels like a big, open-ended loss. There's been no way to find closure, because everything is ongoing, and how the virtual school year will end was still so unknown. I hope that doing this session, and knowing now that there is a plan for graduation helps Molly and her classmates find some of the closure they deserve. Missing out on so many things this spring has been hard, and as much as we all try to help them through it, no graduating class has ever experienced anything like this.

After Commencement, Molly will head off for her future at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts this fall. There she will study Criminal Justice, and no doubt appreciate all the moments before her, as she forges her path into the future.

From the bottom of my heart, Molly, thank you for letting me share your story, and be a part of your time at Morse. I have truly enjoyed coaching you and getting to know you on and off the fields these many years. I have no doubt you will continue to dig deep and go after the things you want in life.

Here's To You, Molly.

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